Behind The Lens

Welcome to my page, my name is Maryam Toson, for those who don't know I am Egyptian, I was born in Egypt, raised in New York and I am currently residing in Toronto. I have always been interested in the Arts and Photography. I never had the courage to get into it until 2008 and fell in love. I attended the Remix Project in Toronto which helped me enhance my skills, and learn how to utilize my skills and equipment. I am lucky enough to be a mother of an energetic boy. My son has been the perfect model which helped me gain more skills (& patience!) working with children. 

I love having the opportunity and the honor to watch families grow, specializing in engagement photography to weddings, maternity, family and then capturing your child grow. I am so grateful for all of the customers who have booked with me in the past decade and the ones I haven't met that will be booking in the future.

I can't wait to watch your family grow in front of my lens!